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Mission Statement

The great Pennsylvania attorneys of the 19th and 20th Century never adopted or published mission statements.  Why would they?  Their work, their renown, spoke for itself.

This era is different.   The Internet has changed client expectations.   The field of legal professionals keeps expanding.  There are more choices, and yet it is even more difficult to ascertain which firms will stay the course, and which will disappoint.

This Mission Statement was drafted and published so that the compass and course for this firm is clear.  Our goals are to: 

1) help clients during stressful times by being accessible, and by providing the best possible information so that clients can understand the case against them, and make the best possible decisions,

2) provide state-of-the art defenses,

3)  give personal attention to clients and ensure that the judges we appear before take note that our clients are not just numbers in the criminal judicial system,

4)  respect judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers so that our clients in turn will be shown respect,

5)  provide value.

                This is our firm’s charter.  This is our pledge.                                                                       


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