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Attorney Profile - Joshua Goldberg, Esq.

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Gradutate NPAS Datamaster Alcohol Breath Testing Course (Mansville, OH 2012).

Description: The Datamaster is the breath test machine used by the Pennsylvania State Police, City of Pittsburgh Police, and many other police departments. This three day course taught to defense attorneys and defense experts covered: scientific principles of breath testing, the mechanics and maintenance of the Datamaster machine, and a wet lab where candidates operated Datamaster machines similar to officers in the field.
Graduate National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Course (Nashville, TN 2008).

Description: Attorney Goldberg attended the certification course, and passed the exam to become a NHTSA qualified Field Sobriety Tester. Police officers nationwide take this same curriculum to learn DUI enforcement. The Nashville course was open to attorneys. The Student/Attorneys of the Nashville course completed the identical course curriculum as law enforcement officers, which included:
  • two days of instruction by a former Commander of the Idaho State Police,
  • a practical exam where students demonstrated the proper performance of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests to the course instructor,
  • a wet lab where students performed live Field Sobriety Tests on intoxicated volunteers, and
  • a final written exam.
Joshua Goldberg, Esq. passed all parts of this course; a diploma is available upon request.
Guest Instructor: Cyril Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law at Duquesne University.
Alcohol and Drug Toxicity in Criminal Litigation (Pittsburgh, PA 2010).

Description: Mr. Goldberg instructed attorneys and other course attendees on Field Sobriety Testing. Mr. Goldberg's presentation included a review of the NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing procedures, the tests used by police officers in Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh to detect Drunk Driving offenses, and the accuracy limitations of improperly administered Field Sobriety Tests (such as testing on inclined surfaces and facing motorists into emergency lights).
Current member: National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) (The NCDD is a professional legal organization consisting of defense attorneys and experts who share state of the art technical knowledge and legal strategies for DUI defense). Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association (PACDL). Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney's Association (MCDAA).
Attendee: 2012 MCDAA Advanced DUI Seminar (Baltimore, MD 2012).

Description: Few organizations take DUI defense as serious as the MCDAA. The 2012 meeting focused on developing techniques for defending DUIs involving breath testing. Strategies covered by the seminar included: investigating maintenance and recording errors that contribute to machine inaccuracies, failure of breath test machines to account for mouth alcohol, and false positive results from interfering chemicals and RFI .

2011 MCDAA Advanced DUI Seminar (Baltimore, MD 2011).

Description: This meeting focused on defending DUI cases where blood sampling and analysis form the basis of the prosecution's case. Topics covered included: interpreting chromatogram results, errors caused by out of date chromatograph components, and the failure of state labs to maintain state accreditation.

2010 MCDAA Advanced DUI Seminar (Baltimore, MD 2010).

Description: The 2010 meeting focused on developing new cross examination techniques at trial in Driving Under the Influence cases. Roger Dodd, Esq. of Georgia, one of the foremost criminal defense attorneys of the past two decades, guest instructed the course.

2007 MCDAA Advanced DUI Seminar (Baltimore, MD 2007).

Description: Blood and breath testing technology is constantly evolving. This annual refresher course is where seasoned attorneys stay current. Course materials focus on the latest ways to attack breath results on the Alcohawk 3000 and blood tests. The course also delves into the impact of alcohol-sterilized needles and vials in creating false positive results in blood tests.
Author on DUI defense: The Impact of Preexisting Leg, Knee, and Back Injuries on Field Sobriety Test Results.

How Police enforce DUI laws: A Survey of the NHTSA Three Phased Approach to DUI Detection and Enforcement.

Impact of a DUI conviction on Insurance Coverage and Rates in Pennsylvania.
Cases in the media: Commonwealth v. P. Smith

Commonwealth v. C. Molissee
Licensed: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and DC
Legal education: University of Pittsburgh School of Law, J.D.
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