Pennsylvania Driver Sanctions

Q. I’m an attorney, why should I purchase the chart?

A. To accurately advise clients on driver license consequences you must check Title 75, Sections 1532 (suspensions), 1535 (points and suspensions), 1538 (suspensions), 1539 (suspensions), as well as several other Title 75 sections.  DUI law research can be even more onerous. The PA Driver Sanctions chart combines nearly all key Pennsylvania Points, Suspension, and DUI sections (CDL and non-moving violations are excluded) into one resource.  The chart is perfect for courtroom or office use.


Q.  I’m a court administrator, why should I purchase the chart for our Judges?

A.  Pennsylvania’s DUI laws are combined in an easy-to-read color format on the back cover of the chart.  Your Judges will have fast access to maximum penalties, fines, and jail sentences right on the bench.


Q. I’m a Public Defender or District Attorney, why purchase the chart for my attorneys?

A.  Many suspensions and jail sentences (particularly 1543(a) and (b) violations) stem from second or subsequent offenses.  By using the chart, your attorneys can quickly assess suspension, jail sentence, and mandatory fine information.



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